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  • The Nair’s of Malabar – Know your history

    The Nair’s of Malabar – Know your history

    The Nairs have been an integral part of Kerala’s culture and have a long and illustrious history.I consider myself fortunate to have been born into the Nair clan.The origins and the strange customs of Nairs have always fascinated me. Nairs […]

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  • Yearly Theyyam Festival

    Yearly Theyyam Festival

    Every year between the 9th to 11th of February  the beats of Chenda (drum) reverberate in the village of Perumbala as Theyyam artistes prepare to perform their 2000 year old dance form . Theyyam originated from the word “de’vam” or god and […]

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  • Need a Taxi ?

    Need a Taxi ?

    Leave the driving to us! We offer reasonable and competitive rates . Please see our rates below for popular trips within Kasaragod: Depending on your specific destination and time of travel, we can offer reductions of up to 50%. Please […]

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